Is Social Media Command Center relevant for every brand?

Athikur Rehman Ansari

Athikur Rehman Ansari

Oct 28, 2021

Marketing was a one-way communication channel until the dawn of social media. Social media has given power to consumers and has made them the real king. These consumers now drive a brand’s marketing activities. Unlike earlier, when brands could use any marketing strategy to showcase their content to the users, nowadays, brands listen to what the consumers are talking on social media and then decide their marketing strategies. Social media listening help brands in understanding the effectiveness of their spends on social campaigns.

So what is the role of Social Media Command Center?

  1. Social CRM (Response Management): The voice of consumer on social media has more power. It can build or destroy a brand’s reputation. Online consumers demand quick and quality assistance from brand when they are in need. A brand’s stature is judged based on how they service their online consumers. A strong SCRM process can help in converting a brand hater into a brand loyalist.
  2. ORM (Online Reputation Management): Not just your brand, consumers talk about your competition as well. This consumer data could tell you what is working for you v/s your competition, who is doing it best in the industry, threats for your brand, opportunities for your brand, etc.,
  3. Crisis Management: A crisis on social media can happen anytime. If you have a robust process and team in place, it could help in identifying the cause of the crisis, and assist in arresting it.
  4. Sales Lead: Peer recommendation is considered best feedback before buying a product. There are huge number of consumers who are looking for recommendations before they purchase. These are opportunities for brands to sell their product or service.
  5. Social Media Listening: It is always better to listen first before you talk. If you want your target audience to know that you exist, then listen to what they are interested in talking and then get involved into the conversation. To know the interest of the consumers, a social media listening process is required.
  6. Analytics: It’s the age of big data. And data is available free of cost on the internet. A brand just needs to put proper process and team in place to get all kinds of analytics required. SMCC provides a 360 degree view from the data points analysed. This in-turn helps in reviewing the past strategies, and planning the future.

If marketers want their brand to be the leader on social media, then SMCC is the first step towards it. That’s why we say Monitor, Analyze, and Act.